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Gemma start to pose and show off into the mirror situated behind the camera. Then we cut to some rope and she finds herself with her arms tied above her head. Now you decide whether you keep her in her black lingerie or remove it. Obviously you decide to unhook her bra, she is a little perturbed by your actions. She tries to untie the binds around her wrists, which seems to be working, but she soon learns it was not meant to be. Her boobs and massive nipples peek out from under the bottom of her bra. She remains firmly tied up and you can then decide what you want to do next. You don't see full nudity in this video, Gemma's boobs do make a bid for freedom under her bra and you see her large nipples and underboob, Size: 416.22 MB

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lace/lingerie bondage big boobs big tits bondage restraints