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Charley Green is in bed wearing just a white t-shirt. She pulls it up to reveal her boobs, they fall out willingly. The whole video is Charley letting her boobs full out from under the t-shirt. Slow motion and normal speed are mixed in plus 2 camera angles to give you a close up and wider viewpoint. This was shot a while ago as Charley's boobs are even bigger now! That said, they are still large, all natural and bounce, jiggle and flop about as they teases them out of the t-shirt. If boob drops are you thing, then this is the video for you! You can imagine her pulling her boobs out and dropping them into your face! Charley mixes up the options for boob dropping. You wouldn't know there's that many options for getting your boobs out from under a t-shirt! Most of the session Charley is kneeling on the bed legs apart with her pussy on show. The main focus is her boobs though, so bare that in mind. The slow motion sequences allow you to see the weight of her boobs as they fall out from the under the material. They bounce quite a bit! She pulls up her boobs by the nipple and lets them fall for a short sequence too. Then it's back tot he shirt and cover and reveal. There's some great eye contact shots where you get to gaze into Charley's deep blue eyes. There's boob shaking, boob shimmying and boob dropping. Yup it's a boob drop fest. Slow low angle looking up perspective gives you a great viewpoint of what it would be like if Charley was straddling you and about to mount you. Those nipples are tantalisingly close to you too. Great clarity and quality here, the lighting and focus are spot on, especially towards the final third of the video where to angle changes, Size: 668.61 MB

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