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Sapphire is nude on the bed and shows us how she wobbles her ass. She starts off on all fours facing you, then turns around to show you her ass. She wobbles and spanks her ass. She gets a good motion going on her ass, grabbing her hands on her ass cheeks and wobbling them too. She can twerk her ass for sure. The whole scene focuses on Sapphire Blue's ass, either close up and a medium to full body shot. There's different camera heights too, so looking low down at bed level, as well as from above. Sapphire turns side onto the camera and wobbles her ass. We show you this in slow motion so you get to see her flick her hair, wobble her ass and really see those curves jiggle and wobble in front of you eyes. Her ass is amazing and she knows how to turn us on. Jiggling and spanking her ass in slow motion, her thighs wobble to the motion. It's back to twerking and jerking her body as she moves around to be three quarters on to the camera so you can see her pussy and face at the same time. She has such a hot body. All natural, great tits and a real tease. She changes position and we show you some more slow motion sequences of her bouncing her butt and thighs. The lighting accentuates her curves and shape. She turns to face you on all fours, the camera is low and looking slight up at her. Her boobs hang down and bounce and jiggle as she looks you right in the eye. Wobbling her ass and teasing you. Close up on those boobs in slow motion, see the stretch marks that comes with having large heavy boobs. Her body is gorgeous. Toned, slim and sexy. We swap to an overhead view of her, looking down from above as she continues to shake her ass and bounce about on the bed. If you've lasted this long you are doing well! More eye contact with the camera and bouncing gets her body moving and wobbling. Sapphire then moves position again to lean up against the headboard with her back and ass facing you. She bounces up and down, wobbling her thighs and ass. We get in close and slow things down so you can see her asshole being revealed and pussy lips open and close as she bounces. We swap to a three quarter viewpoint and stay in slow motion as Sapphire continues to bounce and wobble her ass. Oh my, her ass and boobs bouncing and wobbling make you cum, and cum hard, Size:

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