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Jenny is wearing a leather studded neck collar and wrist cuffs and is topless. We asked her to play with the tits. She bounces them. Sways her long hair about and flicks it around whilst she shimmies and squeezes her tits. She has great big natural tits and they look awesome as she bounces up and down and leans forward and lets them hang. She rubs her nipples and we see her pushing the spikes on her cuffs into her boob flesh. There's some zooming in and out with the camera which is a little distracting, this was shot back in the early days of filming. We get in close to see Jenny's great tits as she plays with them. The whole video focuses on her tits and her face. She's wearing a girdle with suspenders and stockings, but you only get a glimpse of those. At 04:20 MM:SS there's some nice boob flesh slapping sounds and you can hear Jenny breathing hard as her tits hit her ribcage. She carries on shimmying her tits, squeezing them and jiggling them in her hands. She licks her nipples and presses the spikes once more into her boob flash. The price is reduced due to the camera work with the zooming in and out. The video is sharp, in focus and well exposed. We get low down and look up to Jenny as she carries on bouncing her tits. More squeezing and pressing in on the metal spikes. Some more boob slapping against her chest and shaking and bouncing. She looks so hot bearing down on you. A great point of view for you to image being underneath her as she rides you. Jenny sticks her tongue out and licks her lips in a sensual and provocative way, then she's back bouncing those juggs for you. They look awesome. She slaps them and squeezes them as we come to the end of the clip. Some great audio if her slapping her tits with her hands. Video is HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 resolution filmed on a Canon handycam camera back in 2011., Size:

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