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Charley is going on holiday soon and she explains that her friends have pre-entered her into a wet t-shirt contest. Surprisingly its not something she has done before, so she wants to get some practise in beforehand to try it out. She chats to you as she squirts her tits with water from a pump bottle. She soaks the material of the thin top that she is wearing, not exactly a t-shirt, but it's the only thing she had to hand. She gets both her tits wet and the material starts to turn sheer as she loads more and more water onto the material. You can see her large nipples clearly through the material as it gets wet and sticks to her body. Her tits look massive in the top and she is not sure. She asks you for your thoughts on how her boobs look. Will she win - we think so. She bounces, squeezes and jiggles her tits. There's some slow motion sequences too so you can feast your eyes on her mountains of tit flesh as she bounces, jiggles and swings her tits in the material. There is no nudity in this scene. The clip was filmed with 2 cameras, one on a tripod capturing a wider scene and a handheld camera getting close up shots. The audio is clean and clear. If you like wet look tits then this clip is for you., Size:

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