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Dezi is enjoying her time on her porch in the evening, clad in some sexy leopard print lingerie, and is enjoying a smoke. She lights her cigarette, takes a drag, then slowly starts to strip off her lingerie and rub her tits. Smoking makes Dezi horny! So, she moves her attention from her tits to her already-dripping pussy as she inhales deeply. She rubs her clit, getting her pussy even wetter, then picks up her glass toy and starts to fuck herself. She slides her toy in and out of her dripping pussy, faster and faster, until she cums with a shudder, holding her cigarette in her shaking hand. Dezi keeps slowly fucking herself with pleasure, then starts fucking herself harder and faster and gets herself off again, moaning with ecstasy. She finishes her cum fest then finishes her cigarette and is completely relaxed for the rest of her evening., Size:

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